a boatride down the river..

Year 2006. It was one of our family trips down the river. Only this time I had my partner Manish along. So Marthand, Manish and I in a dinghy went down the river from Shivpuri towards Rishikesh. I had been talking to Manish for a couple years about how beautiful the mighty Ganges was and how it be so great if he would get to see and experience the feeling of being by her. As the dinghy floated along I could see he was visibly disappointed. So was I. The river seemed much slower than I remembered from earlier trips. And we could actually see the bottom of the river quite clearly... the depth even in the middle of the riverbed would have been just 3-4 ft. We wondered what may have happened until someone on the banks mentioned that the Tehri dam had begun filling up upstream.

The picture above was taken much later.


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